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About Us
About Us
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  About Us

Shanghai JinGuan Moulding Company is a Taiwan-owned enterprise which endeavors to moulding plastic products. We have a staff of more than 200 workers£¬and the factory consists of 13£¬963 square metres. The equipment investments have been nearly $6 million U.S.. We have the advnced injection molding machine£¬blow molding machines and auxiliary equipment from Japan and Taiwan and sales of over 40 million Rmb annually (approx.$5.8 million U.S.). Some of our major abroad customers are:Mandom(Japan),Key Trading(Kanebo’s main supplier),Kose(Japan),Narise, Isehan£¬ICS(HK),etc.Some of our major domestic customers are YangSheng Tang(food packaging), KOBAYASHI,Kose(China),Zhongshan LiDa,Sebei,CMM,etc.
JinGuan is well-respected by many famous companies because of our advnced technology,stble financial position,and excellent service to our customers. We produce all kinds of plastic overshell packages by the series standards of ISO9000, and are known as an honest business partner.
JinGuan’s president had been as the factory director, assistance and general manager in Taiwan DEKUI Enterprise whice is famous for its professional productions of cosmetic package, and chief director in Rexom-DeKui’s development department. Our president has thirty years experience in the plastic moulding industry with excellent technology, experienced management and honest workers. We have a goal of providing quality plastic pckages and service to the food, electronic, household and cosmetic industries.
JinGuan’s stff will be known by their warm, friendly service and commitment to quality to create a bright beautiful enterprise image.

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